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I am an Irish photographer based in London seeking "mystery and menace in the everyday".

My approach is mostly that of a street photographer / photo essayist. I'm forever in pursuit of a stunning single image but I also work on series and long form projects for myself and editorial and corporate clients.

I'm not one for artifice nor am I a natural studio photographer. I react to events as they unfold with a pinch of wit if appropriate. I'm fleet of foot and easy going. 

I sell prints and self published, hand crafted photobooks to customers around the world. I also teach my book making techniques in person and online. 

Millennium Images contributor since 2003

ICP alumnus, class of 2000

Bravery Medalist, 1991



HINTERLAND (only 3 left)

WOOFERS: Dogs & Their People (no longer available)

Observing The Flag (no longer available)

Mixed Messages (no longer available) 


2014 Seeing Sydenham at On The Hoof Gallery and Bistro, Sydenham, London

2012 Creative Quarter group show at C&C Gallery, Forrest Hill, London

2011 Seeing Sydenham, SugaHill Gallery Cafe, London

2010 London Independent Photography, (group) Strand Gallery, London

2010 Flying Space Hoppers, projection at SlideLuck PotShow, Shoreditch House, London

2010 Flying Space Hoppers, projection at Format Festival, Derby

2009 Flying Space Hoppers, projection at Host Gallery, London

2006 Crosswalks: Contemporary Street Photography, (group) Oklahoma City Museum of Art

2005 New York's Irish, Garden City Public Library, Long Island, New York

2004 New York's Irish, Irish Arts Center, New York City

2000 International Center of Photography School: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program, Chelsea Arts, New York City

1998 Stolen Moments, Irish Arts Center, New York City

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