A photograph that surprised me

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Two days ago an image came into my mind. It lingered for hours as I was endeavouring to complete my usual daily tasks. Needless to say I was somewhat distracted. Later that evening after dark I headed out to an old dilapidated footbridge over railway tracks between Sydenham and Forest Hill stations. I knew the picture that was in my head teasing me could only be made from this bridge. 

After several attempts and many trains I managed to scratch the itch and make this photograph. I don’t know if it’s any good, all I know is that I really like it. When I can afford to, I will make as big a print of this image as the camera used will allow. 

When I came home and pulled this file into my Mac I was rather taken with the obvious (at least to me) influence of film director, David Lynch. Two of his films have occupied my thoughts from time to time - Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. I’m quite sure Lost Highway is somehow involved in my making this photograph. 

This picture also brings to mind an image I made late last year in Catford which is included in my SOUTHEAST book -  the very blue photograph made in Catford as I passed by on a London bus, the one with the warm orange window and the blue from a passing emergency vehicle. 

I will pay attention to these two images and new work that I make to see if this is to develop into something specific. 

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