My Millennium Images Collection

This morning I was delighted to see another 9 images added to my Millennium Images Collection. 3 of the images were made north of the Thames, 2 from an assignment in Marylebone and 1 from meanderings in The City. 6 were made right here in southeast London where I live. 

I am endeavouring to gather much more new material for my Millennium Collection from across London. Given that Millennium primarily cater to the publishing world, I really ought to try and make more vertical work for book covers. I rarely do so normally. My best sellers are vertical images. Other sellers were horizontal but cropped vertical. So this is a new challenge for me. 

I am also working on a publishing project utilising my crafting skills but much smaller books this time. More affordable. I have 6 titles in mind already. I just need to work out some logistics first hopefully using a local supplier. I’ll work on my books first so I can get my processes working smoothly before I consider taking on other photographers. 

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