SE Book Update

I have no more materials to produce the handmade books. I also have no income at the moment so will not be making any more of these. However, I have had communications with Ex Why Zed here in the UK about printing a new edition of 50 books. They will print the pages single sided and I will complete the covers and binding and add the text. 

Previously each book took me two days to complete which was unsustainable. But it was a worthwhile endeavour as I transitioned from my staff photography job to freelancing. Now that Covid-19 has disrupted everything for everybody, I have reconsidered the project. 

This is my best work to date in almost 30 years of practice and I want to launch it to a wider audience with high end production values and top notch printing rather than using my own inkjet. It may be some time before any chance at exhibiting this work due to the inevitable social distancing that will likely be with us for the foreseeable future so I will do what I can to promote it across social media. 

Those that have already purchased a handmade maquette copy will be the first to receive this new version free. I have all your details and will be contacting you all soon. I am unsure as to when as I need to work out the finances. I am considering establishing a Patreon page to this end and for future publishing endeavours. 

This new hybrid approach of outsourcing the printing and doing the construction and binding myself cuts the production cost and keeps the unit cost down so this new version will be more affordable at about £30 each. It’s also much faster. 

I hope in future to offer this method of producing books to other photographers. 

For now I need to try and survive financially. Unfortunately I have fallen through the cracks and do not qualify for any government assistance. I left my Field Research Photographer role for health reasons last November and returned to freelancing so have not submitted a 2018/19 tax return as I had been PAYE. I had work lined up but that is all on hold, like everyone else. I am in the process of applying for other forms of financial assistance including Arts Council grants and the like. I’ll figure it out. Somehow. 

As soon as this crises eases I will place my print order and get this book project moving again. 

Updates to follow soon. Thank you for your time. 

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