Enter Ghost by Judith Bingham.
Solo Trumpet, Jo Harris.
Video and Photography by Paul Treacy.
Filmed on location at Tilbury Fort and St. James's Spanish Place, London. Music Producer, Rosanna Goodall. Recording Engineer, Chris Kalkov. 

In September 1607 Shakespeare’s Hamlet was performed on board the Red Dragon ship, docked outside Yemen. The ship’s Captain noted in his logbook: ‘We had the Tragedy of Hamlet: and in the afternoon we went altogether ashore, to see if we could shoot an elephant’ The East India Shipping Company vessel, Red Dragon, began its long, dangerous journey from Tilbury where this musical performance inspired by Hamlet takes place. The composer Judith Bingham (b. 1952) received an OBE in 2020. 

The Ayre bites shrewdly… (offstage) The King doth wake tonight and takes his rouse. Look my Lord, it comes... (like a shift in the air)… it beckons you. The Ghost speaks. The Ghost vanishes. Hamlet rails against fate - Oh cursed spite! That ever I was born to set it right.


This film was made with two Fujifilm cameras, X100T and EX3.

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